To simplify can be a complex endeavor. Therefore, with the purpose of structuring our comprehension and practice of a simpler lifestyle we can adopt a very concise model, based on general areas of the human action: Energy, Time-Space and Relationships. In each area, we can analyze our possibilities on a physical, emotional and mental / conceptual level. Naturally, this is just a model, which can be adapted to an individual context.

          In the specific pages of each area, there are suggestions of simplification practices and also news about the theme of your choice.

          A previous condition for any change to occur is to accept that it is possible. In this case, it means to rescue the power to make choices that promote a simpler and more gratifying daily life. In this sense, it is worth considering that “simple is better”, and to take one step at a time.

          The first step will be to observe our daily life, reflecting about which aspects present the biggest challenges and identifying where are our biggest sources of complications. This diagnosis is very important, realizing where we are and identifying our starting point. From there on, we can define goals, and also certain indicators that will signal that we are in the right path.

          As human beings we enjoy, here and now, of all necessary conditions to live in practice a Culture of Peace and of Personal and Planetary Wellbeing. We don’t need heroic leaderships bigger than our own humanity. Our true need is to take the initiative to opt, in a conscious and daily way, for regenerative practices in the present which will enable a dignified future. We need to act in cooperation with people with whom we have affinity, in an environment of lucidity and realism. We are not, in any way, incapable or incompetent before the challenges facing us; in truth, we are the only source from which the necessary creativity, compassion and determination can emerge to enable “the most beautiful world that our hearts know is possible”. As we simplify our daily life, on a personal level we will enjoy an existence with more quality, and globally we will enable a sustainable future for our species on planet Earth.