Jorge Dellamora Mello is a Brazilian, born in Itaqui (Rio Grande do Sul).

          A therapist and body artist, he’s graduated in studies of Shiatsu e Yoga, and post-graduated in the relational area, as a special student in Family and Couples Therapy (Infapa-POA). Practices the Japanese martial art Aikido since 1996.

          A Buddhist practitioner, he received his monastic ordination in 2008, with the name of KoHo, through his teacher of Darma, Shingetsu Coen Roshi Nun. He has participated in many Zen formal retreats, as well as in non-conventional retreats, such as in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and street retreats in some great cities of many countries, a modality in which he is a leader recognized by the Zen Peacemakers Order.

          In the area of Sustainability, he has participated in the 1st Training in Ecovilas which took place in Brazil (2001/2002), and for many years has been contributing as an Educator / Facilitator at the Gaia Education, both in its on-site version (Brazil / Argentina / Portugal) and its on-line version, where he is a tutor at the Course’s Economic Dimension in Portuguese and English.

          Currently, he resides in Zürich (Switzerland), where he works professionally as a Therapeutic and Social Caregiver at the Wohnheim Zürichberg (which gives assistance to autistic and syndromic people), and as a therapist and individual / organizational coach in the areas of Success and Personal Fulfillment, Conflict Management and Simplification of Processes. As a monk, he coordinates Via Zen Zürich, Center of Soto Zen Buddhist Practice, which offers formal practices and contributes to the Socially Engaged Buddhism and Interreligious Dialogue.

          Other relevant trainings: Simplicity and Social Change (Schumacher College, England); Conflict Facilitation, Group and Workshop Leader, Gentle Warrior, Permaculture Design Certification (Findhorn, Scotland); Climate Ambassador (Krogerup Höjskole, Denmark), Trainee in MBSR - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Center for Mindfulness – UMASS Medical School – USA/Spain).