Simple is more.



          This site is about living a simpler life. As its main conceptual framework we have the concept of Voluntary Simplicity, which can admit many definitions. As a lifestyle, it has a very practical nature and is adaptable to individual circumstances. Its principles and methodologies make it possible to live with increasingly aware options, and to enjoy more health, freedom, power and meaning.  

          In the words of Duane Elgin, “Voluntary Simplicity is a way of life externally simpler and internally richer, a way of being in which our most genuine self is placed in direct and conscious contact with Life”.

          The adoption of a simple life has to do with taking responsibility for your own life. Poverty is involuntary and debilitating; simplicity is a conscious and empowering choice. We count on your participation and support.

          Suggestions, collaborations and sharing are welcome. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the contents published on this site are available for free dissemination and reproduction, provided that its source is acknowledged; if you have any doubt, contact us and we will guide you on how to proceed.